Agricultural Water Storage Tank

  • tank4Tanks from 3,000 to 875,000 gallon capacities – Bolted Steel Construction
  • Sidewall heights from 7 feet high up to 31 feet high and tank diameters from 8ft 11″ up to 69ft 5″
  • Designed to comply with AWWA, NFPA and International Guidelines 
  • 10 year warranty 
  • Pleasing appearance –  Bright ZincAlume® finish or powder coat paint finish to suit project
  • ZincAlume® coated panels offers up to 5 times the life of conventional galvanized coating
  • Tank Connections and piping may be installed inside the tank or at the sidewall of the tank
  • Tank life expectancy 50 years plus
  • Quick delivery and installation times
  • Your local labor may be utilized for construction to reduce costs
  • Safely erected on site with our unique jacking system
  • Tanks may be configured to be enlarged to meet increased water requirements

See our capacity charts (gallons or cubic meters) to select the tank size best suited for your application.

Contact us. We are more than pleased to assist you in reaching your project goals.

The Water Tank Company will supply a detailed engineering drawings for your tank and ring beam after order entry.

The Water Tank Company LLC bolted steel water storage tanks
 are engineered and manufactured using proven technology and the highest quality materials available, delivering technically superior and competitively priced liquid storage tanks.  All tank panels are manufactured from high tensile strength ZincAlume® coated steel and profiled to offer maximum strength while presenting an esthetically pleasing appearance.  The ZincAlume® coating is accomplished by 
hot dipping the steel in a molten alloy of 55% aluminum, 43.5% zinc and 1.5% silicon resulting in a coating that offers a service life of up to 3-5 times that of conventional galvanized steel.  While the standard bright ZincAlume® finish offers a long lasting and very pleasing appearance, we also offer our tanks in a large variety of powder coat paint finishes to suit your project.   External bolts are uniform and covered with bolt covers to enhance the appearance of the tank.  Uniform shape and size of tank components facilitates packing and shipping to your site in a cost effective package.  

The Water Tank Company
 bolted steel water storage tanks utilize an internal, mechanically attached, custom manufactured liner that protects the steel tank shell as well as the integrity of the water.  The liner is a multi-layered bonded construction with an embedded webbed scrim that not only provides high strength, but also a 50 year plus service life.  Each liner is custom engineered and manufactured for your tank and application. This innovative liner system combined with our modular shell construction not only allows for a long and almost maintenance free service life, but also allows our tanks to be configured to be enlarged as your water requirements grow.  Our tanks are designed to provide the quality you deserve while lowering costs from the initial purchase price and throughout the service life of the tank.

The Water Tank Company LLC 
commercial tanks are designed to meet AWWA, NFPA, International and local governing codes and guidelines.  Due to our modular bolted steel construction design, we can ship anywhere at a lower cost.  From engineering to construction, we build our commercial water tanks to maximize longevity and minimize waste while promoting sustainability.  Our ZincAlume® finish offers up to 3-5 times the life expectancy of typical standard galvanized coating.