Residential Water Storage Tanks


ST07R2 Residential Tank

10,000 up to 66,000 gallons available from stock in San Marcos, Texas

The Water Tank Company offers residential style potable water storage tanks that are available from stock for quick delivery and installation.  The residential series of potable water storage tanks have a standard 7 foot sidewall height and varied diameters to suit your water storage requirements.  The residential tanks are engineered and manufactured using proven technology and the highest quality materials available, delivering technically superior and competitively priced liquid storage tanks.

Stock Tank List

See our capacity charts (gallons or cubic meters) to select the tank size best suited for your application. 

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Standard items included with each tank:  all tank panels ZincAlume® coated steel, dome style roof with free span truss system and roof sheets, top and bottom tank stabilizer hoops, removable ladder with mounting bracket, full fascia trim around perimeter of roof edge for a stylish appearance, commercial grade 24″ hinged lockable roof hatch, 16″ roof basket inlet with mounting escutcheon, 2″ national pipe thread outlet fitting, 6″ overflow with internal bell-mouth and down-pipe with flapper closure, commercial grade liner approved for potable water with synthetic underlay, commercial hold-down brackets for use with sand pad or concrete pad, and all hardware for erection of the tank.

The Water Tank Company bolted steel water tanks utilize an internal, mechanically attached, custom manufactured liner that protects the steel tank shell as well as the integrity of the water.  The liner is a multi-layered bonded construction with an embedded webbed scrim that not only provides high strength, but also a 50 year plus service life.  Each liner is custom engineered and manufactured for your tank and application. This innovative liner system combined with our modular shell construction not only allows for a long and almost maintenance free service life, but also allows our tanks to be configured to be enlarged as your water requirements grow.  Our tanks are designed to provide the quality you deserve while lowering costs from the initial purchase price and throughout the service life of the tank.

The Water Tank Company potable water tanks are aesthetically pleasing, their designs are certified by professional Engineers and comply with the highest international standards to withstand a wide range of environmental and operational conditions. The wall panels and roof sheets of all The Water Tank Company storage tanks for potable water are made of steel that is hot dipped and coated with a molten alloy of 55% aluminum, 43.5% zinc and 1.5% silicon, commonly referred to by its trade name Zincalume®, thus rendering tanks highly resistant to corrosion. Technical data sheets on ZincalumeR and similar products are available on request. In some extreme cases, sacrificial magnesium anodes are applied, further inhibiting potential corrosion. All tanks are fitted with an approved liner which prevents water coming into contact with the wall panels. This liner complies with the international water quality standards and is safe for potable water.Detailed sand pad or concrete ring beam information for your tank will be supplied after order entry.