Tank Applications

Our modular water tanks utilize a mechanically attached custom-made liner/bladder, which protects the coated steel tank shell and the integrity of the water. The liner/bladder is a multi-layered bonded construction with an embedded webbed scrim that not only provides high strength, but also a long lifespan. Each liner is custom engineered and manufactured for your tank and application. Additionally, should your water storage requirements increase, our modular shell construction allows for the tank to be engineered to be enlarged as your water requirements grow. Our modular construction and liner design also offers the capability of moving the tank with relative ease and low cost if required. The Water Tank Company, LLC tank design is geared to save you money from the initial purchase price through the life of the tank.

Worldwide Multi-Application Water Tanks

Our water tanks can be designed to meet AWWA, NFPA, International, or your local governing authority guidelines. Regardless of size, we can ship worldwide at a low cost because of our modular bolted steel panel construction design. From engineering to construction, we build our water tanks to maximize longevity and minimize waste while promoting sustainability. In addition, floor mounted sloped drain option allows easy wash-down procedures for sediment removal, and our ZincAlume® finish offers up to 3-5 times the life expectancy of typical standard galvanized coating.

Fire Water Storage Tanks

Tanks can be built to suit NFPA, AWWA, or IBC guidelines. We suggest you check with the local governing fire authority to confirm their requirements for your project. They can give you their needs for specific capacity and connection requirements for the install site.

Rain Water Storage Tanks

Tanks can vary greatly in diameter and sidewall heights. Our tanks are a popular choice due to the attractive appearance, varied sizes available and cost effective installation features we offer.

Agricultural Water Storage Tanks

Our tanks are a popular choice for irrigation, farming and winery applications. Not only do our tanks offer a pleasing appearance and low maintenance, they are also a quick installation at an excellent price.

Potable Water Storage Tanks

We shine in our municipal or private potable water storage applications. Since the water is contained by our potable water liner, it does not come into contact with the steel outer shell. The bottom drain outlet option makes sediment control a breeze. Contact our sales team for details.

Storm & Condensate Water Storage

Like our rainwater collection series of tanks, our tanks are a cost effective and an attractive choice for your storm or condensate collection applications. See our capacity charts for the tank diameter and height that best suits your needs.

Industrial Water Storage Tanks

Whatever your industrial needs are, we can offer a tank and liner combination suitable for your application. Need to enlarge the tank or disassemble and move it to a new site, no problem. Contact our knowledgeable sales team to discuss your project requirements.
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